Hot on the heels of POTP9 comes POTP 10 – The 12 Podcasts Of Christmas!

It truly is the podcast that picks podcast gold.

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We here at Pick Of The Pods know how stressful/boring/tiring (delete as appropriate) the festive season can be, so we’ve brought together a selection box of 12 fine podcasts for you to enjoy over the holidays. In the show we cover podcasts about books, music, films, murder, ukuleles and hopefully the true meaning of Christmas. Along the way there’s also some pretty big podcast news with the return of two old friends, and someone celebrating a BILLIONTH DOWNLOAD! So park your family with a bottle of port and some mince pies, take your laptop upstairs, and let us guide your ears through the last bit of 2011.

Podcasts mentioned in the show……

Adam And Joe

One Billion Downloads: A Selection Box

Old Time Radio Mysteries

IWM Voices Of The First World War


Christmas Stocking Podcast

Kermode And Mayo’s Film Reviews

Book Slam

The Nextmen Podcast

Fresh On The Net: Tom Robinson Introducing

Guardian Culture Podcast

Live At The Stand

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Pick of the Pods 9 is here

So we had a little late summer break, but we’re back now. More importantly we’re back with some great podcasts. On this week’s show we tackle society, the economy, religion, the search for sasquatch, and what to do if you fall in love with your own mum.

We’re joined by comedian, actress, presenter, activist, wild swimmer and all round brilliant egg, Josie Long. Josie’s the new podcast partner of Andrew Collins who we met a few episodes back. She’s also a podcast partner of Robin Ince, and she tells Tom about plans for a third podcast partnership starting in the new year.

Finally, as always, producer Tom Whalley visits another podcast that has long since stopped updating in ‘Deadfeed Of The Week’. This week it’s the hilarious Timeghost presented by Craig Children and Martin Bain-Jones. Better known to you and I as Armstrong and Miller.

Here’s a full list of the shows mentioned.

The Reith Lectures

Guardian Business Podcast

Do The Right Thing


Monster Talk

Collins And Long

Utter Shambles


It truly is the podcast that picks podcast gold.

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