It’s here – Episode 1 of Pick of the Pods

Episode 1: Hello Pod-Pickers

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This week on Pick of the Pods presented by Tom Robinson, Tom takes a look at the best and brightest podcast available on the net.

Firstly we hear from the comic talents of John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman as they sum up the popular uprising in Egypt in their own idiosyncratic way as we feature an extract from their brilliant Times hosted podcast The Bugle.

Following on we hear from the Guardian’s excellent Tech Weekly and a special feature interview with author of Net of Delusion, web guru Evegny Morozov as he puts into perspective the role of social media and web in enabling the revolts in Tunisia and across the region.

Then in a post-valentine fug we hear from Seatle’s bravest and boldest sex advice columnist and podcast Dan Savage and his Savage Love Podcast.  Dan hears a heart wrenching story of a young woman who is considering a life in prostitution due her straightened financial circumstances.

He’s a new kid on the pod-block but Elton Perryman has taken to it like a duck to water.  We hear Elton in the Elton Perryman Sports Special dispense advice on the F.A.’s need to think Aguillera and Tinie Tempah if they want to win big.

This week’s guest is the holder of the prestigous Sony Gold for best UK Podcast award 2010.  Francesca Panetta is the founder and creative force behind The Hackney Podcast a audio map of her local area.  Francesca discusses her work on the podcast and her plans to launch The Hackney Podcast app.

Finally producer Jason Phipps features his ‘Dead Feed’ – those podcasts who lived but briefly but left an indelible mark on the world of podcasting.  This week Jason discusses the obscure but highly informative Military History Podcast which stopped in it’s pod-tracks in May of 2009 but still entertains and informs.

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1 Response to It’s here – Episode 1 of Pick of the Pods

  1. Phil says:

    Congratulations on the first pod, Tom – very informative and some great leads for further listening. One thing to think about – how many independent podcasters can afford the £102 entry fee for the chance that they might win a Sony Award? And are any awards you have to pay for really worth winning?

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