Episode 2: Awards, Answers and Animals

Episode 2: Welcome Back Pod-Pickers

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This week on Pick of the Pods with Tom Robinson…..we discover how entwined man and beast are with a riveting story from the award winning Radiolab podcast from WNYC in the U.S.  and storytelling at it’s best The Moth podcast features big cat expert Alan Rabinowitz who tells of his crippling stammer and how he found his voice and saved the jaguars of Beliz.

We hear from the lunar world of Project Moonbase and their exotic and wonderful musical world as well as a very unusual take on news involving noisey children and a mysterious “Jason Bieber”.

Our very special guests this week are the founders and presenters of the award winning podcast Answer Me This! Olly and Helen tell us more about their very idiosyncratic take on the world and why the words “I just don’t know” are never uttered in their presence.

Finally we have another Dead Feed, this week producer Jason Phipps pays hommage to that great project that could have been, Channel 4 Radio and the jewel in it’s crown, Slash Music.

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