Episode 3: Personal tales, senses and opinions

Episode 3: Personal tales, senses and opinions

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This week on Pick of the Pods with Tom Robinson…..we hear some very personal accounts of the tragedy unfolding in Japan and a more horrific, if sober description from a survivor of the Thailand tsunami of 2004.

Also we discover that some of us are super-tasters and why that is so, and we hear a jaw dropping encounter from the 1955 TV show This Is Your Life dedicated to a survivor of Hiroshima.

Our very special guest is columnist Johann Hari who has just entered the world of podcasting under the banner of the Independent newspaper here in the UK and who’s first pod reveals his talent for stand-up comedy and for offending the Dalai Lama.

Alongside iTunes chart news from Lisa O’Sullivan Producer Jason Phipps reveals his Dead Feed, podcasts that came and went but still shine bright somewhere on the web, this week’s is the very first series of the Ricky Gervais Podcast.


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One Response to Episode 3: Personal tales, senses and opinions

  1. Noel says:

    Wow the Johann Hari podcast is getting around. Episode 5 features a clip of my band’s song “Emergency” and the twee guitar riff is from another one of our tunes called “I wish I knew”. We are called Years & Years you can tweet us @yearsandyears and find some tunes on our sound cloud page. http://soundcloud.com/yearsandyears

    Ill stop now before I bombard your blog with too much irrelevant waffle 🙂


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