Episode 5: Doctor in the house

Episode 5: Doctor in the house
This week on Pick of the Pods with Tom Robinson, the host of the superb Guardian Podcast Tech Weekly, Dr Aleks Krotoski.
Aleks discusses her podding career & tireless work in bringing technology & science to the masses whilst exploring the digital sphere for it’s interactive potential.
We hear a very revealing and intriguing side to talk show host Conan O’Brien on the ever excellent WTF podcast with comedian Mark Maron and with dip into the Sony Award nominated Flaps Podcast for all those with aeronautical leanings. Flaps met with former Radio 1 DJ, now a hugely successful pilot and camera man, Mike Smith.
Alongside that we celebrate the return of Adam & Joe’s podcast which finally pumped the mighty Ricky Gervais off the top spot in the iTunes chart. We have chart news from Lisa O’Sullivan and Pick of the Pods producer Jason Phipps brings another fallen (or fatally altered) podcast in our Dead Feed section, this time it’s a Dutch Dub podcast that has taken the plunge.
All that and more on the podcast that pick podcast gold, Pick of the Pods.
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