Episode 7: Odd pods, Andrew Collins, and immortal crocodiles.

Episode 7: Odd pods, Andrew Collins, and immortal crocodiles.

This week on Pickofthepods things get a little bit strange as we delve into the respective world’s of conspiracy theorists, economists, futurists, and Andrew Collins.

In Canada’s The Conspiracy Show where we hear an interesting theory about alien involvement in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In Freakonomics we find out about how to get started in hunting criminals for cash. In The Scottish Poetry Library we hear some Chinese poetry beautifully translated into English by a Scottish man, and The Science Fantastic‘s Michiu Kaku tells us a surprising story about the lifespan of Crocodiles.

Not only that but we also meet Andrew Collins who as well as being a journalist, scriptwriter, broadcaster, and all round nice guy, is also a podcaster. Andrew is the voice of the long running ‘Collings & Herrin‘ podcast, alongside comedian Richard Herring. The podcast has a cult following and has clocked up more than 160 episodes.

If that’s not enough, producer Tom Whalley visits another podcast that stopped updating many moons ago in our ‘Deadfeed’ of the week. This week he welcomes us to ‘Welcome To Mars‘.

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