Episode 8: The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

This week on Pickofthepods it’s the revenge of the nerds as we delve into sci fi, computer games, and horror. For those of a less geeky disposition we also investigate podcasts about Architecture, gospel, soul, and cars. It’s a jam packed show for sure.

It truly is the podcast that picks podcast gold.

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In Car Talk, The Tappett Brothers unsurprisingly give advice on cars but also on every other aspect of life, including romance; In Pseudopod we hear a brand new work of horror fiction; One Life Left debate what they would do to be on the cover of the next FIFA game; The Nerdist are joined by Simon Pegg to celebrate 100 episodes; WFMU treat us to shows about Soul music, Gospel music, and Antique Phonographs; and we we finally get around to hearing your recommendations including The Cabcast, Flat 29, Ontheotherhand, and 99% Invisible.

With the return of the football season it would be awfully remiss of us not to mark it in some way, and so Tom went to meet with the Football Ramble’s Luke Moore for a friendly chat over a cup of tea.

Finally, as always, producer Tom Whalley visits another podcast that stopped updating many moons ago in our ‘Deadfeed’ of the week. This week he introduces us to Stuff From The B-Side which covers musical subjects such as ‘Is An Encore Necessary’ and ‘Kraftwerk: Before They Were Robots’.

Here’s a full list of the shows mentioned……
Car Talk
Downtown Soulville with Mr Finewine
The Sinner’s Crossroads
Antique Phonograph Show
One Life Left
Flat 29
The Cabcast
99% Invisible
The Football Ramble
Stuff From The B-Side

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In episode 7 Tom met Andrew Collins. We couldn’t fit the whole interview into the show, so we’ve popped it here for you. We’ll be popping all sorts of clips, out takes, and bonus bits up here so watch our twitter feed for updates.

Here’s the interview…..

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