Episode 4: Texas, Food and Spurs

Episode 4: Texas, Food and Spurs

This week on Pick of the Pods with Tom Robinson.. we delve into the world of podcasts that captured the dynamism of this years South By South West in Austin Texas and we discover a new emerging faction in the UK’s Labour party called Blue Labour.
Taking up many of your great podcast suggestions via Twitter we discover the wonderful musical talent of Merseyside in the Bido Lito podcast and if your a foodie we twist the lid on the wonderful NPR Food Podcast and hear how Ilan Hall and his L.A. restaurant The Gorbels, are creating confrontational cuisine with his bacon meets kosher recipes.
We meet Mike Leigh from the superb The Spurs Podcast one of the best and most established football fan podcasts around and a brilliant window into the soul a Spurs fan.
 Finally producer Jason Phipps features another Dead Feed, a podcast that has bitten the dust, this week mourning the end of sorts of the New York Times The Ethicist Podcast.

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Episode 3: Personal tales, senses and opinions

Episode 3: Personal tales, senses and opinions

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This week on Pick of the Pods with Tom Robinson…..we hear some very personal accounts of the tragedy unfolding in Japan and a more horrific, if sober description from a survivor of the Thailand tsunami of 2004.

Also we discover that some of us are super-tasters and why that is so, and we hear a jaw dropping encounter from the 1955 TV show This Is Your Life dedicated to a survivor of Hiroshima.

Our very special guest is columnist Johann Hari who has just entered the world of podcasting under the banner of the Independent newspaper here in the UK and who’s first pod reveals his talent for stand-up comedy and for offending the Dalai Lama.

Alongside iTunes chart news from Lisa O’Sullivan Producer Jason Phipps reveals his Dead Feed, podcasts that came and went but still shine bright somewhere on the web, this week’s is the very first series of the Ricky Gervais Podcast.

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Episode 2: Awards, Answers and Animals

Episode 2: Welcome Back Pod-Pickers

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This week on Pick of the Pods with Tom Robinson…..we discover how entwined man and beast are with a riveting story from the award winning Radiolab podcast from WNYC in the U.S.  and storytelling at it’s best The Moth podcast features big cat expert Alan Rabinowitz who tells of his crippling stammer and how he found his voice and saved the jaguars of Beliz.

We hear from the lunar world of Project Moonbase and their exotic and wonderful musical world as well as a very unusual take on news involving noisey children and a mysterious “Jason Bieber”.

Our very special guests this week are the founders and presenters of the award winning podcast Answer Me This! Olly and Helen tell us more about their very idiosyncratic take on the world and why the words “I just don’t know” are never uttered in their presence.

Finally we have another Dead Feed, this week producer Jason Phipps pays hommage to that great project that could have been, Channel 4 Radio and the jewel in it’s crown, Slash Music.

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Pick of the iTunes

Big thanks to all at iTunes as “Pick of the Pods” makes it onto the homepage of the podcast section. Also many thanks to all you for downloading!

Coming up this week, our guests in the studio are Helen and Olly from Answer me this, plus we’ll have the latest in news and reviews from the world of podcast.

If you want to get in touch email us via shout@pickofthpods.com or find us on facebook or twitter.

Remember Pick of the Pods will be yours to download from Saturday 5th March.

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It’s here – Episode 1 of Pick of the Pods

Episode 1: Hello Pod-Pickers

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This week on Pick of the Pods presented by Tom Robinson, Tom takes a look at the best and brightest podcast available on the net.

Firstly we hear from the comic talents of John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman as they sum up the popular uprising in Egypt in their own idiosyncratic way as we feature an extract from their brilliant Times hosted podcast The Bugle.

Following on we hear from the Guardian’s excellent Tech Weekly and a special feature interview with author of Net of Delusion, web guru Evegny Morozov as he puts into perspective the role of social media and web in enabling the revolts in Tunisia and across the region.

Then in a post-valentine fug we hear from Seatle’s bravest and boldest sex advice columnist and podcast Dan Savage and his Savage Love Podcast.  Dan hears a heart wrenching story of a young woman who is considering a life in prostitution due her straightened financial circumstances.

He’s a new kid on the pod-block but Elton Perryman has taken to it like a duck to water.  We hear Elton in the Elton Perryman Sports Special dispense advice on the F.A.’s need to think Aguillera and Tinie Tempah if they want to win big.

This week’s guest is the holder of the prestigous Sony Gold for best UK Podcast award 2010.  Francesca Panetta is the founder and creative force behind The Hackney Podcast a audio map of her local area.  Francesca discusses her work on the podcast and her plans to launch The Hackney Podcast app.

Finally producer Jason Phipps features his ‘Dead Feed’ – those podcasts who lived but briefly but left an indelible mark on the world of podcasting.  This week Jason discusses the obscure but highly informative Military History Podcast which stopped in it’s pod-tracks in May of 2009 but still entertains and informs.

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What’s your favourite Podcast?

Here at Pick of the Pods HQ there are a number of great podcasts that tickle our fancy, from comedy to science we’re always on the look out for something a little different.

So if you know of a success story that we haven’t heard of yet, get in touch and we’ll be sure to put it in the mix for our new show.

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Pick of the Pods: A regular review of podcasts

Pick of the Pods kicks off this week with a regular review of all things podcasts. Hosted by Tom Robinson, it’s your show too, so if there is something you want to hear us shouting about get in touch via Twitter.

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